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All information appearing on related to the properties offered, has been provided by each and every one of the OWNERS-MANAGERS of the houses / villas / mansions / fincas or other properties that are published on this website. will do everything possible to provide information as accurate and authentic as possible of the property offered, but will not be held responsible if the OWNER-MANAGER has provided false or erroneous information.

In the Autonomous region of the Balearic Islands a specific regulation exists related to the obligation of having an authorization / license / permit issued by the competent tourist authorities for the rental of housing for holiday use.

It is mandatory and exclusive that the OWNERS-MANAGERS of the houses / villas / mansions / fincas or other property, have this authorization / license / permit. is not held responsible if the property offered or selected by the CLIENT does not have this authorization / license / permit. At the moment of entering the data of the characteristics of the properties on the web page, we request the number of this authorization / license / permission from the OWNER-MANAGER of the same and that we introduce in the field of the corresponding form. The inaccuracy or falsity of these data are the responsibility of the OWNER-MANAGER of the house / villa / mansion / finca or other property, as well as the maximum occupancy capacity of persons subject to these houses / villas / mansions / estates or other property.

Any reservation can be canceled immediately and the full refund of the amount paid (by the same means and form) will be processed, if by computer errors beyond the control of, booking schedules and other reservation platforms of any origin, will not synchronize in time, their respective reservation calendars and duplicate or non-feasible reservations occur at the time of reservation and payment.

The CLIENT can request information by phone, email and direct message through any of the available social networks. The information will be provided by the same channel. The CLIENT will be informed about availability, characteristics, prices, offers, services, options that can be contracted and any other issues that the CLIENT requires.

Reservations will be made in writing and by following email address:, or any other email address that is available for this purpose. The CLIENT must indicate: the house/villa /mansion/finca or property that he wishes to rent, the number of guests that will occupy the property, day of entry, day of departure, price that has been offered to him and all the identifying information requested in the registration form. will then send him a message via email confirming that the accommodation is available during the dates he has requested. To finalize the reservation, the CLIENT must make the payment of the amount corresponding to the reservation, through the established systems of payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer, a direct bank deposit, as an advance payment, within a period of less than 24 hours from the moment the CLIENT receives confirmation of availability.

Once his deposit has been received, the OWNER-MANAGER will contact the CLIENT to confirm that the reservation is in order and to specify all the details for the reception.

In the case of reservation requests received by Travel Agencies or similar, the reservation will meet in all conditions the private agreements established and signed by both parties, always in accordance with the Law and the usual practice of reservations in the sector of holiday tourism.


All OWNERS-MANAGERS are bound by regulations related to the rental of holiday homes to collect identification data of ALL persons staying in their property and make the appropriate communication to the National Police of their municipality or town. The obligatory data that must be provided by ALL the persons staying in the houses / villas / mansions / fincas or other properties are: Full name and Surname, ID or passport, as well as the complete address, telephone number and e-mail of the person that has made the reservation and the data of all the accompanying persons, in case there are any.

It is recommended that the CLIENT and his companions have their ID or passport at hand at the time of reception to advance the handing over of the keys and the enjoyment of the hired accommodation.


The rental reservation of the house / villa / mansion / finca or other property, will be confirmed when the CLIENT has paid the deposit for a reservation. The amount of the deposit may be up to 60% of the total amount to be paid for the rental, without taxes, except for services that are subsequently contracted. In any case, will determine the exact amount that must be entered as a reservation deposit and will communicate it to the CLIENT, via the email provided, a confirmation of the availability. This deposit can be made by credit card, by bank transfer, or direct bank deposit. If the modality of bank transfer or bank deposit is chosen, the confirmation can be delayed between 24/72 hours from the moment the reservation was made until the corresponding banking entities confirm that the corresponding amount has been transferred and received.

Once the confirmation of payment by the CLIENT has been received , he will receive our reservation confirmation, in writing via e-mail. In the event that we have not received the deposit in advance within 24 hours from our email confirmation of availability, the reservation will be automatically canceled without prior notice to the CLIENT and the requested property will again be free for reservation by any other person.

The entire amount of the stay (without discounting the advance payment of the security deposit) can be paid in cash, by bank transfer or by bank deposit. If the CLIENT wishes to pay cash, the payment will take place the same day of arrival, at the moment of handing over of the keys. In the event that the CLIENT chooses payment by bank transfer, he must make it as a general rule at least 15 days before the arrival date in order to make sure that we have received the payment before his arriving at the property. However, in each property the ways and due dates of payments requested by the OWNER are described, the CLIENT must consult these conditions.

In the case of reservations and payments managed through Travel Agencies or similar, the CLIENT must pay the security deposit in cash or credit card (if the latter is possible), before handing over the keys. The amount of this security deposit is governed by the same general criterion established in the first paragraph of this present clause 3.

Only in those cases of properties contracted by Travel Agencies or similar that include a package of special offers already previously agreed, the OWNER-MANAGER may decide not to ask for the DEPOSIT. The decision not to request a security deposit will be exclusively made by the OWNER-MANAGER.



It is a quantity requested by the OWNERS, which is held on deposit until the end of the CLIENT’S stay, and serves as a guarantee of payment to cover possible damages or damage caused to the property and the elements that make it up, by the CLIENT, his companions or guests.

This amount denominated SECURITY DEPOSIT  is returned to the CLIENT, once his stay is completed and the status of the property and the elements that compose it are verified, within the terms stipulated by each owner, but not exceeding the maximum of 3 business days. This amount will always be returned by the same system the payment was made.

The amount established as a SECURITY DEPOSIT  is variable according to each property. Each OWNER has established a certain amount and the CLIENT has to review, at the time of the reservation, which amount was assigned as SECURITY DEPOSIT to the chosen property.

The CLIENT receives the house in optimal conditions of cleanliness and order, and is obliged to take care of it, including all exterior elements such as swimming pools, gardens, furniture, equipment, installations of any kind, fences, accesses and / or any another element that belongs to the rented property. In case the CLIENT observes any malfunction or anomaly, he must communicate it at the time of his observation, at the moment of receiving the keys or as soon as possible for its amendment by the OWNER-MANAGER.

The CLIENT must leave and return the rented property in acceptable conditions and with all the furniture and equipment in the same condition as they were at the time of entrance, as well as the furniture and furnishings in their original places as at the time of arrival.

At the end of their stay, the OWNER-MANAGER will carry out the verification of the property and equipment of the property, as well as the general state of the it, in the presence of the guests.

The security deposit paid at the time by the CLIENT to make the reservation is considered a guarantee to pay for the repair of possible damage, and will be returned within a period not exceeding 3 business days from the end of the rental period, after the OWNER has verified  that the house / villa / mansion / finca or other property is in perfect condition.

If the property suffers any damage caused by the CLIENT, the amount of the repair of this damage will be paid for by the CLIENT. In this case, the necessary amount will be deducted from the security deposit to cover the costs of repair or replacement of elements that allow the property to be returned to its original condition.

If the cost of repairing or replacing those objects is higher than the security deposit, this deposit will not be returned and the payment of the damage will be left pending until the evaluation of the same is completed, and the CLIENT will then be asked to pay the full amount.


For groups for special events, family reunions, special stays for companies, VIP events, or any other booking conditions different from holiday rentals, the rental conditions must be checked before booking, either by phone or by email.


The CLIENT is committed to acting with maximum civility, respecting the environment, calm, nature, cleanliness and tidiness of the property.

The CLIENT who has made the reservation is the sole person responsible for all companions, guests and all persons staying in the property for the duration of the stay. All are subject to complying with the rules of coexistence that govern the municipality of the property.

In addition, the following other terms of use and coexistence are established:

  1. Respect, at all times, for calm and rest, as well as for coexistence with other people who may be housed in nearby properties, as well as for the environment.
  2. Faced with evidences of VANDALISM, NOISES, ALBOROTO, FOUNDED COMPLAINTS OF NEIGHBORS or IMPROPER USE of the dwelling and its belongings, the OWNER-MANAGERS reserve the right to terminate the rental contract at any time, and the tenants must leave the property immediately.
  3. Before making the reservation, the CLIENT must consult if it is allowed to hold parties on the property and must have the corresponding authorization in writing of the OWNER-MANAGER.
  4. Parties that are not allowed cannot be held on the properties, reserving the OWNER-MANAGER the right to terminate the vacation rental contract of the property immediately if such thing occurs.
  5. The CLIENT must be diligent and careful to maintain the security of the property. In this sense, the CLIENT has to keep the entrance door and the windows tightly closed, especially when leaving and switching on the alarm system that might be in place.
  6. In many properties cleaning, gardening, maintenance and other services are included in the reservation payment, on a daily basis, per stay or for the time stipulated by the OWNER-MANAGER. During the reservation process the CLIENT must inquire if these services are included or not.
  7. In other properties these services can be hired by the CLIENT as an option either through com or directly with the OWNER-MANAGER. The price of these services is not included in the total rental price of the property. The CLIENT will pay the amount of these services in the manner stipulated in their contracting.
  8. It is forbidden to leave garbage in the garden or in the street next to the entrance door. The OWNER-MANAGER will provide this service to the CLIENT.
  9. The CLIENT, his companions, and guests, must comply with the current municipal regulations of the municipality where the property is located.
  10. bookingtwoislandscom and/or the OWNER-MANAGER is not responsible for personal items deposited in the property by the CLIENTS, nor for objects that may have been forgotten.
  11. When handing over the keys of the rented holiday property, the OWNER-MANAGER will provide the CLIENT with specific instructions on the use of the property, facilities, services, accessories and options relevant to the use and enjoyment of the rented property.
  12. The CLIENT must immediately inform the OWNER-MANAGER or failing that, com, of any irregularity, failure, or malfunction of the services of the property to proceed with its amendment.
  13. In the event that the number of occupants of the rented house is higher than the number of those indicated in the contract and declared in the entry document and, consequently, of the registration forms that are delivered to the National Police, the OWNER-GESTOR reserves the right of admission and will inform the National Police, exempting himself from any incident that may occur in the property, derived from over-occupancy.
  14. There are specific regulations related to outdoor activities, use of certain types of equipment or machinery, navigation and anchorage of boats as well as making fires in the forest. The CLIENT must inform himself about these regulations, and is solely responsible (including companions or guests) for the non-compliance with any of these regulations.


The arrival / Check-in at properties will be from 4 pm on the first day contracted and the departure / Check-out until 10 am of the last day contracted, as a standard common to almost all properties. To obtain an extension or modification of these times, the CLIENT must expressly communicate this request in advance and in writing via email when making the reservation, to or directly to the OWNER-MANAGER. If not previously communicated, the OWNER-MANAGER is under no obligation to respond to said request of the CLIENT. If this request has not been made at the time of booking and the CLIENT needs to modify these schedules, he should consult with the property to have confirmation of this change if possible. The OWNER-GESTOR reserves the right to charge a supplement for these schedule changes.


At the time of booking the CLIENT must consult if the property admits pets. In the specifications of the properties, the acceptance of pets may appear in some part. This information provided by is not binding and is limited to information provided by the OWNER-GESTOR at the time of registering the property in the reservation system of The OWNER-GESTOR reserves the right to make an exception for its acceptance only and exclusively submitted to his decision – taking into account criteria regards the cleaning and conservation of furniture and furnishings-, upon request by the CLIENT, in writing and with details of the animal in question.


If the cancellation or change of dates of the reservation is made 30 or more days before the date of entry, in all cases 90% of the amount paid will be returned except bank charges (if any) associated with the management of the return of the reservation, and the anticipated expenses produced by the adaptation of the property of the reservation, to the specific requests of the CLIENTS.

It is at the discretion of the OWNER-GESTOR to refund the reservation deposit, in cases in which the CLIENT refers to causes of force majeure and the notice is given less than 30 days in advance as a general rule.

Cancellations of reservations made through a Travel Agency or similar are subject to their current regulations.

In cases where the amount of the reservation is not returned, it remains in deposit for one year and the CLIENT is offered the possibility of other rental dates during the period of a whole year from the dates the initial reservation was made for, making use of the deposit already  paid. After one year has passed, the CLIENT will lose the deposit, if he has not used it. If during that period of time the rental prices change, they will be recalculated, and the CLIENT must pay the difference.

11 – EXTRA SERVICES AND CONTRACTING offers CLIENTS the possibility of contracting additional «extras» to their reservation, other services for their convenience during the stay in the properties such as:

  • Cleaning Service (if the property does not provide it)
  • Gardening, Maintenance or Services (if the property does not have them)
  • Chef (full stay or only for days)
  • Assistant – Organizer service (full stay or only for days)
  • Waiters service
  • Catering service-buffet
  • Babysitter
  • Free car service, drivers, Minibus
  • Medical service
  • Service of transport and collection vehicles
  • Service of boats, sailing boats
  • Restaurant Reservations, Beach Clubs, Private Disco
  • Dj service (rental of professional sound, image and special lighting equipment)
  • Translator, Lawyer, Notary, etc.
  • Escort service
  • Various